1.   Leader of the top list   Porn Fay    Best Porn Site of the hour
20. Logo of Lucie-O Model   Viola Model
41.   Ting Model
2.   Second Place   Porn Spark  Best Porn Site
42.   Tereza Model
3.   3rd Place   Porn Skirt  Best Porn Site
23. Logo of Lucianna Model   Lucianna Model
43.   Sex Quiz
4.   Logo of Teenz Top   Teenz Top
24. Logo of Marta Model   Marta Model
44.   Mina Model
5.   Logo of BatPic XXX Photos   BatPic XXX Photos
25. Logo of Laura Model   Laura Model
6.   Logo of Young Zoo Lovers   Young Zoo Lovers
26. Logo of Krystel Model   Krystel Model
7.   Logo of Pink Castle   Pink Castle
27. Logo of Katty Model   Katty Model
47.   Nesty Model
8.   Logo of Zoo Bangers   Zoo Bangers
48.   Nella Model
9.   Logo of Zoo Facial   Zoo Facial
29. Logo of Jewel Model   Jewel Model
10. Logo of Sex Street   Sex Street
30. Logo of Katerina-H Model   Katerina-H Model
11. Logo of Art BBS   Art BBS
12.    Julya Model
32. Logo of Misa Model   Misa Model
33. Logo of Mia Hilton Model   Mia Hilton Model
53.   Eufrat Model
14. Logo of Marie Model   Marie Model
54.   Jana-H Model
15. Logo of Maggie Model   Maggie Model
35. Logo of Zoe Model   Zoe Model
16. Logo of Lucynova Model   Lucynova Model
36. Logo of Zafira Model   Zafira Model
56.   Ennie Model
17. Logo of Lucky Model   Lucky Model
37. Logo of Walleria Model   Walleria Model
38. Logo of Viki Model   Viki Model
58.   Porn Topic
19. Logo of Lucie-T Model   Lucie-T Model
39. Logo of Video Strippers   Video Strippers
59.   Zoo Surprise
20. Logo of Lucie-O Model   Lucie-O Model
40. Logo of Vicky S Model   Vicky S Model
60.   Sex Avenue

81.   Ellen Model
63.   Sex More
83.   Chiara Model
64.   Zoo List
84.   Porn Scum
65.   Zoo Suck
68.   Beast Top
88.   Bijou Model
92.   Ava Model
94.   Anna Model
75.   Bizarre Top
95.   Andie Model
78.   Abbie Model
79.   Elya Model
100.   Zuzana Model